KioSign Slides

Slides are the basic building block of KioSign. Slides can be a single fullscreen image, a fullpage layout in Elementor, a gallery of images in a slider, a repeater of content, or custom html/css/js. KioSign gives you the flexibility to create the kinds of content you need.

KioSign is designed to play with builders, especially Elementor. Create a single fullscreen layout or download one of our templates to get you going quicker. Simple classes can be added to elements to enforce custom heights/widths.

Add custom html, css and js. This allows you to create essentially anything you want. Using HTML is essential if you are not using a builder.

Create a gallery, or just use a single image. Galleries are easy to customize with transition effects and time per slide. Uses reveal.js.


  1. Reveal Options: Modify the defaults to apply to all images. Use Img as BG to make images fit the screen using CSS cover.
  2. Gallery of Images: The images used for the slide.

Google Slides is an easy way to create presentations or slideshows with simple animations and transitions. Must “publish” the slide to get the embed code.


  1. Google Slide ID: Copy/paste JUST the slide ID… starting with 2PACK– until the following /
  2. Google Slide Parameters: Added by default, change as needed.
    1. start=true (autostart playing the slideshow)
    2. loop=true (start over when the last slide is reached)
    3. delayms=7000 (7 seconds for each slide)
    4. rm=minimal (hides the Google Slide controls)
    5. slide=id.#### (used to play a SINGLE slide of a Google Slideshow).

Create a repeater with images, or content, or images and content. You decide. Add animate.css to the content to provide even more engagement with your content with simple animations. Uses reveal.js.

Use the built-in wysiwyg editor of WordPress to add custom html, or a shortcode.

In order to create fully animated sequences, use a slider plugin like SmartSlider or LayerSlider and just add the shortcode to a KioSign slide. You now have any type of slider you want to use in your screens.

Use the custom or wysiwyg html slidetypes to add your slider shortcode.

Custom Header/Footer

To create a truly stand-alone Slide or Layout, you can toggle on Custom Header/Footer to which disable the wp_head() and wp_footer() output and global KioSign styles, allowing you to replace them with your own independent code.