KS Layouts allow you to create custom HTML and Repeater layouts. You must know HTML/CSS to be effective with them.  Content for each “region” can be custom/wysiwyg html or an existing KS Slide or Playlist (plays in an iframe).

In the future, layouts will use a React.js solution like

Use custom HTML to create a layout. Requires html/css/js knowledge. KioSign grid classes are intended to be used, but you could add any custom html and styles required.


A flexible layout tool, repeater layouts allow you to add custom regions and assign a KS Slide, KS Playlist or custom/wysiwyg html to the region.


  1. Region Content: Choose an existing KS Slide or Playlist, or create custom/wysiwyg html content.
  2. Region ID: The id of the div for CSS.
  3. Region BG: Add a background color (esp helpful for testing).
  4. Region Classes (outer): The outer wrapper for the region. Use the KS absolute grid classes for best results.
  5. Region Flex Classes (inner): The inner div. Best to use the KS Flexgrid classes.
  6. Content: Depends on type of region content selected.