Plugin Requirements

KioSign requires the following plugins to function:
  1. Advanced Custom Fields PRO – The main plugin of KioSign. It must have a valid license.
  2. ACF to REST API (free)- required to generate json for schedules.
  3. ACF Code Field (free) – Used for custom html/css/js fields. Allows syntax highlighting.

Suggested Plugins

I also suggest the following plugins to create a more flexible and robust system.
  1. Elementor (free) – a robust page builder for WordPress. Sample templates available. The PRO version is required to load templates.
  2. Unlimited Elements for Elementor.  The free plug works, but the PRO adds more flexibility.
  3. Safe SVG (free) – add scalable SVG images.
  4. Smush (free) – reduces the size of images when uploaded.
  5. Duplicate Post (free) – Easy way to clone existing content.
  6. And… there are LOTS of regular and Elementor plugins to add features as needed.

Installation of Files

KioSign is “installed” by adding a folder of files into the current theme. (In the future, I hope it will be a plugin.) In addition, KioSign must be loaded by adding an init function to the functions.php file. I HIGHLY suggest making a simple child theme… and adding the kiosign folder in it. Once you have the kiosign folder, create an init function into the main functions.php file.
require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/kiosign/kiosign-init.php' );

KioSign Admin Page

A custom admin page is available to help you quickly access your KioSign content. In order to use, you must create a page named “kiosign-admin” and add a custom template file named  “page-kiosign-admin.php” in the root of your theme. Then, add the following code to the php file (must add the < and >):
?php get_template_part("kiosign/kiosign-admin"); ?
That should be it! You can always contact me if you have any issues.