KioSign Alerts

Add a message to an individual screen or globally. Alerts will “take-over” the output and will only show the message you provide.

Currently, Alerts will not show until 1) you reload the screen, or 2) the schedule is refreshed on it’s own time… eg, typically 90 mins. In the future, Alerts will update the screen(s) in realtime… using WebSockets.

Alerts can be added to any individual screen by clicking on the “Enable Screen Alert” toggle. The message added below (as HTML) will take over the output of the Screen… ie, no schedule will show. Currently, the Alert will not show unless 1) the browser or computer are rebooted, or 2) a Content Refresh happens (according to your settings). In the future, KioSign Alerts will be real-time.


Create a “global” alert in KioSign Settings. These alerts will apply to ALL Screens. Currently, Global Alerts will not show until 1) The browser or device are rebooted, or 2) the individual screen refresh happens. In the future, Global Alerts will be real-time.