Note! This is developing software and is not fully documented. The docs are a work-in-progress to help you understand the types of content and setup for KioSign. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Flexibility in Mind

KioSign was built to be a flexible system, allowing you to use builders, Google Slides, image galleries, posts queries, plugin shortcodes and regular html/css/js to create effective content… however you like to build it.

KioSign PostTypes

KioSign generates the following posttypes:
  1. Slides: The main static/dynamic content for KioSign. Use a builder, slider plugin, image playlist, repeater, or custom HTML/CSS/JS.
  2. Layouts: Used for creating HTML layouts, especially when not using Elementor as a builder. Requires HTML/CSS knowledge.
  3. Playlists: A reveal.js playlist of content… using individual slides or layouts.
  4. Schedules: The scheduler for KioSign with flexible scheduling options.
  5. Screens: The player for a schedule. Add as many screens as you like. There is no limit.


Use the KioSign Groups or regulat post_tags taxonomies to filter content easily in the backend, and in front-end KioSign Admin page.

Additional Features


Learn how to install KioSign in your existing theme.


Use KioSign Settings to add global CSS and Alerts.


Add KioSign Alerts to individual screens or globally.


Shortcodes are available to help you create common elements, like current time, date and clocks.