Players for KioSign

Any device that can load a website and has a screen can be used for KioSign. This gives you a lot of options.

Least Expensive: Raspberry Pi

Programmable and relatively powerful, the Raspberry Pi is an affordable player. Just plug in to an HDMI monitor or TV. Be aware tha the Raspberry Pi is just a board, and you must buy a case and power supply separately or as a combo.

Raspberry Pi’s are programmable as kiosks; they will open the programmed URL on boot-up, without a keyboard and mouse. This takes some setup… but is worth it for ease of use later on.

The new Raspberry Pi4 (4GB) has has significant upgrades with processing power, making the Raspberry Pi an even better choice.

There are a number of resources online for creating custom kiosks… such as and


Inexpensive: PC “stick” Computer

 A small Windows 10 “stick” computer works well for playback, and is a good option for those that know Windows 10 well. Typically they are installed with Windows 10 Home.. not Pro*. Requires a TV or HDMI monitor.

*Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or Education is required to create a standalone kiosk.


Midrange: Chrome Devices

Super easy to setup, Chrome devices come in a variety of types/capabilities. Remote device management can be easy, but requires a Google G-Suite account. Each device is $5 a month to manage. 

  • Chromecast: NOT possible to use as a KioSign device. 
  • Chromebit: Inexpensive player. $90. Requires a TV or HDMI monitor.
  • Chromebox 3: More advanced and capable. $280 (prices vary by model) Requires a TV or HDMI monitor.
  • Chromebase: A standalone all-in-one desktop experience. Touch-screen models available. Excellent choice for a touch-screen kiosk. $280-$400

Most Expensive: Desktop Computers

Any desktop computer that is attached to a monitor can be used for KioSign. More powerful pcs are required for more complex kiosks… especially ones with a lot of video.

Windows 10 (pro, enterprise, or education) can be used to create a standalone kiosk.

All-in-one pcs are effective for playback without requiring more setup. Touchscreen models are required for touch-based kiosks.